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Whether you’re a small treatment center or a multi-location addiction treatment organization, IT For Addiction HIPAA training can accurately train your team and reduce your risk of HIPAA violations.

  • At first, we train your staff on using your technology in ways that are compliant with HIPAA standards. Misuse of office technology is one most common reasons for HIPAA violations.
  • Then, we teach your staff how to handle the privacy and security of their patients. HIPAA requires every treatment center to have updated policies showing how they manage a patient’s health information.
  • Additionally, we continually work with your team as their point of contact for everything related to HIPAA compliance and technology. Having a certified reliable expert you can turn to for HIPAA questions, is the key to being HIPAA compliant.

With the proper HIPAA training, your organization will be HIPAA compliant and provide better service to your patients.


HIPAA Training For Addiction Treatment Employees

  • HIPAA-policies

    HIPAA Policies

    The first step to becoming HIPAA compliant is knowing HIPAA Policies. For this reason, our HIPAA training team will teach your staff all the HIPAA ploicies.

  • cpu

    Using Technology

    Technology makes our jobs easier, but the way your technology is used can put your organization at risk for violating HIPAA regulations.

  • penalty

    Penalties and Enforcement

    Be informed how the Department of Health and Human Services enforces HIPAA’s privacy and security rules and how it penalizes violations.

  • disclosure


    Learn about the importance of disclosures of protected health information in a group therapy setting. Inform your staff on how to handle HIPAA Privacy Rules.

  • Tech

    Technical safeguards

    Learn about HIPAA policy and procedures for using technology to protect health information and control access.

  • breach

    Security Breaches

    Is your staff trained on how to properly handle a security a security breach? Accurately handling of a security breach can help you save time and money.


IT Services your organization can dependable on

  • exc


    The highest level of HIPAA training for executives and IT Techs dealing with HIPAA on a daily basis.

  • management


    Management will love effective and reliable our  HIPAA training services are.

  • staff

    Facility Staff

    HIPAA compliance starts with your staff. We give your staff the highest level of training available.

HIPAA Training

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IT For Addiction understands the difficulties that addiction treatment professionals throughout the industry face when it comes to HIPAA training. Our HIPAA training meets all the federal requirements for effective HIPAA training.


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