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What is managed IT services?

There’s a reason cloud computing for addiction rehab organizations has been one of the biggest developments in the last few years. The use of cloud computing is ideal for flexibility and scalability in the addiction rehab industry. As a result, cloud computing makes it possible for addiction rehabs organizations to power applications, share files, and it has the mobility requirements necessary to run a modern addiction treatment organization.

Years experience


Years experience
HIPAA ertified experts


HIPAA ertified experts
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Client satisfaction
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National reach
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We’ll design a custom cloud infrastructure with everything your organization needs to grow. Let’s get started


Comprehensive IT services include

  • Cloud-back

    Cloud hosting solutions

    Cloud computing for addiction rehab includes secure HIPAA compliant hosting of your emails, applications, and software solutions. The cloud environment makes data accessible to any approved user over the internet.

  • virtual-server

    Virtual cloud server

    We hold the most rigorous standards for security and cloud computing for virtual servers. Therefore, this allows us to keep your data safe and HIPAA compliant. Most importantly, the data is always available to your office and of approved remote devices.

  • Recovery

    Cloud disaster recovery

    Regularly locate and access cloud backups whenever a recovery is required. Natural disasters are often inescapable, but your organization can always be ready. Your data will continuously be available in the cloud.

  • backup

    Cloud backup solutions

    Our technology meets the highest addiction rehab industry standards of cloud security. Your patient’s health information data and your organization’s data are always in a protected cloud environment.

  • savings

    Cost savings

    The elimination and the availability of your data make it easy to lower the cost of network security and eliminate hardware cost. The cloud also reduces the labor cost of maintenance. The cloud provides savings in several ways.

  • flefible


    Cloud computing delivers fantastic flexibility. The cloud allows you to obtain data from virtually anyplace to meet real-time needs. As a result of this, when an organization is going through a period of rapid growth, the cloud makes it seamless to scale.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Scalable

    Experience flexibility and scale as your addiction rehab organization grows. Transition your organization’s applications and data to the IT For Addiction cloud.

  • HIPAA compliant

    Host your emails, software, and applications in a HIPAA compliant cloud. Access your data on user approved devices and take your work with you everywhere.

  • Protection

    Protect your patient’s health information and your addiction rehab organization’s data. Our cloud server and data center offers 24/7 data security.

  • Backups

    Reduce your vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. Secure important information backups, and ensure the future of your addiction rehab organization.

  • Experience

    Our 20+ year of experience of IT services in the addiction rehab industry is unmatched. We will work with your organization to design a custom cloud solution.

Harness the power of the cloud for your addiction rehab organization. Let’s get started

IT For Addiction makes it easy for us to grow. When we hire a new team member or acquire a new patient, they make the onboarding process quick and easy.
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