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5 IT Trends in Addiction Treatment to Look for in 2019

Addiction treatment centers aren’t the only ones who took an oath to help addiction patients recover. The tech industry is rallying around addiction treatment-focused solutions to better benefit the peopl...

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How Digital Transformation is Changing Addiction Treatment Centers

As more addiction treatment centers relentlessly drive toward digital transformation as a way to provide better care for patients and to be more competitive, technology and addiction treatment leaders must deci...

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Why Get Customized in 2019: 6 Benefits of Custom Software for Addiction Treatment Centers

Keeping track of all that patient information is vital to providing the highest quality service possible. Unfortunately, every addiction treatment organization works differently. There’s no one-size fits ...

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Using Modern Technology For Addiction Treatment

Your technology is the backbone of your organization. Having the best technology and maximizing the capabilities is the key to providing excellent care to your patients and getting ahead of competitors. Why tru...

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Why to Get Customized in 2019: 4 Benefits of Custom Software

When you’re in need of solutions that work for your addiction rehab center, you can’t go wrong with custom software. It’s one thing to shop for a software platform that is basic and generalize...